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Club information

North Valley Shooters Association
1098b E. Gridley Rd.
   Gridley Ca. 95948
(physical address, there is no mailbox at the above address)

If you have never been to the range before you should contact the President at the email below. He can give you instructions on entering through the locked gate in the event you arrive late.

Email President - Jay Kuca

First Time shooters shoot for $10.00. Members shoot for $15.00 and returning non-members pay $25.00

This IDPA New Shooter Information Packet comes courtesy of Richmond Hotshots. 

Membership Forms
Individual membership $25                                  Family Membership $40

To join or renew your membership the forms need to be printed, signed and delivered to any NVSA event. Bring check or cash for $25.00 yr. individual or $40.00 yr. family. From July 1st to December 31st. the dues drop to $15.00 for an individual or $25.00 for a family. Family is defined as those immediate family members living in your household. 


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NVSA Range Safety Rules
1. Treat all firearms as though they are loaded at all times. Never point a firearm at anything you are not willing to destroy.
2. All firearms are to remain unloaded and holstered or cased unless the shooter is on the firing line with a member of the range staff, or in the safe handling area with an unloaded weapon. No firearms handling is allowed in the parking lot or any other area 
within the range boundaries. No dry firing or other firearm manipulation is permitted outside of the designated SAFE HANDLING
AREAS. No live or dummy ammunition is allowed in the SAFE HANDLING AREAS.
3. All loading and unloading of firearms will take place on the firing line under the direct supervision of range staff.
4. Clearing malfunctions is the responsibility of the shooter. Shooters are expected to continue the prescribed course of fire while
resolving any malfunction. Range staff will intercede only if necessary.
5. Shooters on the firing line must not break the 180 degree point or any designated safe muzzle points at any time. Under no 
circumstances will the shooter point his muzzle up range or over the top of the backstop or berm.
6. Consumption of alcohol or intoxicants immediately before or during range use is strictly forbidden. Any shooter taking any 
performance affecting medication must report this to the range staff before any weapons firing.
7. Eye and ear protection are mandatory for all persons on the range, including spectators, when a competition is underway.
8. Members purposely damaging any piece of NVSA range equipment will be expelled from the club.
9.  Per IDPA rules, shooters who participate in IDPA matches must be IDPA members after their first match.  
IDPA membership is not required for NVSA members who do not participatie in IDPA matches!
10. No long guns of any kind may be shot at the NVSA range, except during rimfire matches.