NVSA Range Update ~ River levels rise again

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NVSA Range Update ~ River levels rise again


Most of you have been able to follow what is happening via Facebook. For those that cannot, here is a bit of an update. During the last major storm, the west berm of the range breached due to very high flows in the river from Lake Oroville, resulting in the range being inundated with approximately 15-ft of water for an extended period of time. A number of Board members inspected the range on Sunday, March 12th. It really is quite bleak. The conex boxes were filled with water, so we lost near a $1000 in cardboard targets, with the addition of anything else that can be damaged by being submerged in water for extended periods. Ty has a tentative range cleanup date scheduled for April 1st on Practiscore, we will need generators, power washers, scrub brushes, and lots of rags. If it does not occur at that time, any signups will roll-over to the next date… whenever that can be. Currently we are at the mercy of Mother Nature and the City of Gridley. The Board has been and remains in contact with both the City and NVSA’s insurance carrier. Mother Nature just refuses to be cooperative at this time. Feel free to comment on this post or visit us on facebook to stay up to date. 

For cleanup signup: https://practiscore.com/nvsa-cleanup/register

For Feather River elevation/flows at Gridley: http://www.water.weather.gov/ahps2/hydrograph.php?wfo=sto&gage=gric1

For Lake Oroville levels and outflows: http://rdcfeeds.redding.com/lakelevels/oro.cfm

To end on a lighter note… We have sold around 300 of the 400 available 2017 Raffle Gun tickets. Contact Charlie, Gilbert, Mark, Robert or Ty via their club MD email and they will work out how to get you some tickets.  More info is on the webpage: http://www.nvsa.info/comment/2700#comment-2700

Some video that Mark Barr shot last weekend https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iyOaFioAtJM&feature=youtu.be

Below the images below are some links to photos that Ty and Wendy took last weekend.  click here