Range Access Policy

New people to the range will want to contact the match director prior to the match to arrange for entry to the range. The city of Gridley's electronic gate policy does not allow for a car to enter the range that does not have an active gate card issued to it. Moving forward members will no longer deal with the city to get a card. Yearley issuance and renewals will be handled directly by NVSA. If your card is currenlty active and you have edited your personal membership link to include your gate card number and you have paid your $35 (2018/2019) fee there is nothing more for you to do. You have an an active card and the one you curently possess will be your active card forever as long as you continue to renew you NVSA membership each year. No more mailing your old cards to the city or having to make a trip to city hall to pick one up. Below is a list of question that have been asked and answered by others. If you have any more question not adressed below please contact Brian Gonsalves using the contact page. 

Frequetntly Asked Questions

Here is a list of questions and answers involving the new restrictions to the electronic gate. Please submit any further questions to our Rangemaster Brian Gonsalves via the contact form here.

1) I am an NVSA member. I already paid my 2018 membership and I have a working gate card. What do I need to do?

Answer: Since you are a 2018 member, your membership was extened until May 31st 2019. However your gate card that is already set to expire May 31st 2018 you will need to renew your gate card. To do so simply visit your membership match management link and edit your information to include a) your date of birth, b) your drivers license number with expiration and c) the card number to the gate card your already have. Once you do that NVSA staff will within 24 hours send you a link to renew your gate card. This will then bring both your gate card current with your membership. Both will be active and current until May 31st 2018. 

2) So, what significant change took place in reguards to range access?

Answer: The city of Gridley management has restricted swipping people in using cards issued to other people.

3) Can I just follow someone in?

Answer: No. That has always been prohibited. Do not tailgate people in, period!

4) Can I wait there for someone to swipe me in? 

Answer: No. Every single NVSA member or the primary person in a family membership is required to possess a gate card. This has always been the policy, and moving forwards will be stricktly enforced. 

5) I am an NVSA member. I only show up on occation each year to shoot. How can I get in?

Answer: Every NVSA member is required to have an access card. If you want to bring a car past the first electronic gate you will be required to possess and use only your card to enter.

6) I am not a member. I would like to check you guys out or come and shoot with you.

Answer: Non-members visiting NVSA will use a visitor card to gain access. Each match director possess only one or two cards. Each visitor will need to contact the match director prior to arrival to arrange a time to meet at the gate to be let in using a visitor card. 

7) I am an NVSA member and I forgot or lost my card. Can I use a visitor card? 

Answer: No, visitor cards are for non-NVSA members only.

8) What if I am a member but arrive without an active gate card. What are my options to shoot. 

Answer: All current NVSA members are welcome to shoot with us. Always! Ariving without an active gate card will limit to you either entering in a car of another member with a gate card or parking outside the electronic gate and walking in. The cards are one per car and can not be shared with other cars.

9) My current card is expired or not working. What do I do?

Answer: If you have a card but that card does not work you will need to contact Brian Gonsalves and inform him that your card is not working (expired, lost or stolen) and you need a new one. You will also need to update your information in your membership management information link sent to you on May 3rd 2018. Once updated you will pay the $35 gate fee. Contact Ty Hamby if you need your membership management link re-sent to you. 

10) When does my membership expire?

Answer: May 31st of each year. Current 2018 membership will expire May 31st 2019. Anyone not currenlty a member may join now and become a member until May 31st 2019. Membership is $60 for single person and $75 for family living in the same home. NVSA Membership now also includes a gate card. 


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